Electric cars are taking off, as many manufacturers trend toward low-emission and no-emission vehicles. Volkswagen is on the forefront of that effort, debuting not the first, but the second concept of the “I.D” electric lineup at the 2017 North American International Auto Show.

The I.D. Buzz follows the I.D. compact that debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. Read below to learn more about the new VW I.D. Buzz, and check back in for development updates from your favorite local dealership, Volkswagen of Asheville.

Everyone’s Buzzing about VW’s New I.D. Buzz Concept

There’s one thing about the I.D. Buzz that’s hard not to mention — this new concept brings back VW’s vintage Microbus shape. Fun fact: the LED headlights “close” when the car is off. Yes, this car goes to “sleep.”

This 8-seater is anything but a throwback, though. It incorporates the latest and greatest in automotive technology, and looking to the future with autonomous driving capabilities. So autonomous, in fact, that front seats inside the Buzz swivel around to be rear-facing. You know, so the “driver” can chat with the rest of the passengers while his car takes car of the driving.

Though the I.D. Buzz is just a concept, Volkswagen hopes to offer a car with this self-driving system by 2025.

The I.D. Buzz is more than just a teaser for a driverless world. Innovation is the theme of this VW bus: the I.D. Buzz uses power from two electric motors to produce a fully electric all-wheel drive system.

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Volkswagen intends to have some version of it’s I.D. lineup on the roads by year 2020, and it will follow up that accomplishment with autonomous car production by 2025. Stay connected with Volkswagen of Asheville for more information about release dates and new developments.

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