Volkswagen prides itself as a brand that offers refined vehicles for affordable prices. Iconic models like the Golf, the Beetle, and the Passat offer unique design, comfort, and dynamic performance, making Volkswagens a great value. This value gets even better when you buy used.

Used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles allow you to get the quality of a Volkswagen at a significantly lower cost. Volkswagen of Asheville has an extensive inventory of high-quality pre-owned VW’s from which to choose.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Used From VW of Asheville, in Asheville NC?


The most apparent discount when buying used is the initial decrease in sticker price when compared to a new model. Everybody knows that you can buy a used car for less than most recent year model of the same car, but there are hidden savings that most drivers don’t consider.

New cars experience significant depreciation very quickly. In fact, new vehicles are even worth less as soon as you drive them off the lot. If you buy a used car that is at least a year old, you don’t have to experience that massive initial price drop, meaning it will lose less value when sold back.

Used vehicles can also cost less to register and insure because rates are often determined based on the initial purchase price. Drivers can expect an average of $13,500 in savings when they buy pre-owned.

History Reports

It used to be that you couldn’t trust a used car. Even inspecting it on the lot couldn’t guarantee you weren’t buying a lemon.

Now cars are built better to begin with and last much longer, and it is easier than ever to research a vehicle’s history. Websites like Carfax let you check a vehicle’s previous drivers, recent repairs, and other details that help to determine the value of a car.

VW of Asheville have confidence in our pre-owned lineup, so we proudly provide Carfax links on our used inventory.

Get a Better Car

Since used vehicles are cheaper across the board, you can upgrade to a more expensive model. When buying a new vehicle, you can get limited by your budget, and stuck with a compromise car. Buying previous year models lets you get a nicer car for a lot less money.

CPO Programs

With leases on new cars more popular than ever, we’ve also seen an increase of excellent-quality certified pre-owned vehicles. Since most leased vehicles are returned in excellent condition and are heavily inspected and thoroughly maintained, you can expect that these vehicles, which are called CPO vehicles, will be in superior condition. CPO is a great alternative if you’re looking for even more reliability.

If you’re ready to find your next used or certified pre-owned VW vehicle, call Volkswagen of Asheville at (828) 229-2978. You can also visit our Asheville-based dealership at 621 Brevard Rd. We’re a short drive from Knoxville, Tennessee, and Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.